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A 2021 Project

  • Frontend Development

Case Study


The Challenges

Atomworks is a leading 3DS certification platform headquartered in Taiwan. Their mission is to provide seamless and effortless self-testing network and online transaction API solutions for software teams, regardless of their size. We took on the challenge of reimagining the user experience of their flagship web application and revitalizing the user interface of their components. Given the technical nature of their product, tailored specifically to developers' requirements, we prioritized extensive communication and in-depth understanding of users' pain points.

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Project Goals

  • Intuitive Interface

    The final app should feel easy to use and understandable to both developers and product managers.

  • Frictionless Procedure

    The workflow UX should help developer (old and new) to work efficiently and detect error with precision and speed.

  • Visual Clarity

    The visual UI design should be clear, calm, and scannable – helping developers focus on what matter.

Goal Targets

The journey

Improved user flow

After extensive discussions and research, we created an intuitive workflow with a new product-window system. This empowers developers to efficiently manage multiple workstreams simultaneously, boosting productivity and providing a user-friendly experience.

We comprehensively refreshed the UI to enhance visual clarity and optimize content hierarchy. Our goal was to facilitate quick comprehension of complex data for developers.

By revamping the user interface, we prioritized improved visual organization and intuitive design, ensuring developers can readily grasp the necessary information and enjoy a seamless user experience.

Ento packaging side view B
Ento packaging side view B
Ento packaging front view
Ento packaging side view A

Our meticulous approach involved incorporating thoughtful details that enhance developers' ability to interpret information swiftly. For instance, we introduced a line-highlighter feature for the resulting log, which significantly accelerates the debugging process and minimizes frustration. By implementing this valuable tool, we aimed to streamline the user experience and empower developers to navigate the platform with ease.

Ento packaging side view A

Responsively & Adaptive

In mobile design, we prioritized presenting data in an easily scannable format, highlighting vital key information such as ongoing tests. We recognized the importance of delivering valuable insights to developers on the go, ensuring they can quickly access crucial information while maintaining optimal usability on mobile devices.

We have also introduced a dark mode that aligns with the same visual principles while providing a soothing experience for developers who work during nighttime. This feature maintains visual consistency while enhancing user comfort and reducing eye strain for night-owl developers.

Ento packaging front view
Ento packaging front view

The Conclusion

Our collaboration with Atomworks resulted in a revamped web application that delivers improved UX/UI, streamlined workflows, and enhanced visual clarity. We implemented features such as a line-highlighter for logs, a versatile product-window system, and a mobile-friendly design. The introduction of a dark mode further enhanced the user experience.

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