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A 2022 Project

  • Website Design

Case Study


The Challenges

After the successful launch Gore's Capabilities Center in Barkdale, Delaware, the Associates at Gore invites the Bluecadet team to reimagine their exhibition experience on a web format. In translating the physical exhibition to digital form, Bluecadet hope to highlight and showcase Gore's leading expertise in the field of material science as well as their ability to collaborate and co-create.

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Project Goals

  • Material Science, Explained

    The experience should showcase and highlight the material science behind Gore's innovative research and development.

  • Linear experience, one story

    The linear experience should engage and and tell a cohesive story from beginning of Gore to its future.

  • Moment of delights

    Rich and fun moments of interactions should enhance the website and make the subject more captivating

Goal Targets

The journey

Fundamentally microscopic

After several round of concepts and ideations, we decided to go ahead with the idea of "Microscopic" - utilizing the idea of zooming into the fundamental building block of most of Gore's materials – ePTFE (an invention by Gore's founder).

Utilizing this visual motif of particles at a microscopic level, I create a generative graphic systen using P5.js to visualize the pillars of Gore (Innovation, Collaboration...), modifying the behaviors of the particles at a fundamental level.

The rest of the site's interaction also follow suit: playing with the idea of mixing and interacting with the material at a microscopic level. Either by zooming into the material or mixing different ingredients together.

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Sketch Prototype

The generative system revolves around a system of floating particles that can exhibits different patterns and behaviors based on varying parameters.

The connection forms by the particles represent both the material science but also the bonds created by Gore and its partners.

Microscopic Interactions

Many of the micro-interactions revolves the idea of highlighting the material under a microscope – reflecting how Gore's partner view the world through the lens of material science.

Ento packaging front view
Ento packaging front view
Ento packaging side view A
Ento packaging side view A
Ento packaging front view
Ento packaging side view B
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The Conclusion

Bluecadet and our team have developed a captivating and immersive digital experience that goes beyond merely translating the physical exhibition at the Gore Capabilities Center. Our creation not only brings the exhibition to life in a dynamic way but also aims to deliver unique moments of delight. Moreover, this interactive experience serves as a valuable tool for the audience to gain a deeper understanding of Gore and its expertise in the field of material science.


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