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A 2020 Project

  • Editorial Design
  • Book Design

Case Study


The Challenges

The challenge of this project is to create an artist catelogue that not only showcase the artist's works, but also embody the spirit of their creative philosophy. The featured artist is Moe Brooker, a Philadelphia-based artist whose works reflect his religious intropsection and meditative process. His works utilize a lot of shapes and hand-done touches that reflect strong bold colors and a visualization of holy light.

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Project Goals

  • Religiously Inspired

    The project must showcase the deep relationship between Brooker and his beliefs through use of meaningful iconography.

  • Inner Light

    The project must evoke the concept of inner light and Brooker's fascination with painting light as a medium.

  • Editorially Interesting

    The project must make use of bold typography and dynamic composition to reflect the mood of the content.

Goal Targets

The journey

The process

The book has five main chapter, each focusing on a theme / period of his works, and also have a central color and motifs that appear throughout.

The graphic system is mainly line-works that engage and interact with the typography to create meaningful compositions and layouts.

Color was used to create a central gradients that emphasize the central-axis as an important motif throughout the book.

Front cover of SFVS
SFVS Spread View
SFVS Spread View SFVS Spread View SFVS Spread View SFVS Spread View SFVS Spread View

The Conclusion

For this project, the challenge was to create and imagine a product & packaging concept that helps promote or introduce a more environmentally–awared lifestyle for the American public. The end result of this challenge is Ento – an insect snack brand that aims to introducing insects as a viable and delicious alternative source of protein.

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