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A 2020 Project

  • Branding System
  • Packaging Design

Case Study


The Challenges

The challenge for this project was to develop a product and packaging concept that encourages and introduces a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle to the American public. The ultimate outcome of this endeavor is Ento, an insect snack brand that seeks to promote insects as a sustainable and delectable alternative source of protein.

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Project Goals

  • Fun and Engaging

    Being a novel product, Ento aims to evoke the feeling of fun and discovery in its branding and packaging.

  • Flavorful Experience

    Ento messaging and visual concept focus on and highlight the wonderful flavor and texture of these snack.

  • Environmentally Awared

    Ento also bring to the forefront the environmental benefits of eating insect to educate the general public about the world of insect-eating.

Goal Targets

The journey

Low-level System

The logo mark is designed to evoke quirkiness and boldness, thus utilizing a strong bold sans-serif with some fun tweaks.

The colors are chosen deliberately to suggest fun and personality, inviting the audience to try something new

The typography system use the Epilogue family for its legibility and fun grotesk letter-form that add some personality.

Ento Logo Sketches 1 Ento Logo Sketches 2
Ento Logo different colors
Ento Typography
Ento Type Banner

Graphic System

Ento feature edible bug: not the most appetizing thing for a food product, so I went with a different direction for the graphic system.

Focusing on the experience of eating insect, the graphic system utilizes geometric forms that represent the different flavors of an insect.

These form come together to form an insect-like shape that evoke fun and invite the audience to try these delicious snack out.

Ento Ant Graphic Ento Grub Graphic Ento Cricket Graphic

Packaging Experience

The packaging is restricted to a 4'x4' box that contained 4 different flavor of an insect, in this case it's the cricket.

The box has an engaging experience that create a color-pop when you open it, with a wing-like openning mechanism.

Designed to evoke the sensastions of eating these insect snack, the graphic and typography come together to suggest a flavorful experience

Ento Logo Packaging Prototype 1 Ento Logo Packaging Prototype 2 Ento Logo Packaging Prototype 3
Ento packaging front view
Ento packaging side view A

The graphic system is also wrapper around the packaging to create an interesting 3-dimensional experience, and the typography is blended with geometric shapes that suggest the flavor within.

Ento packaging side view B
Ento packaging side view B
Ento packaging side view B Ento packaging side view B Ento packaging side view B Ento packaging side view B Ento packaging side view B Ento packaging side view B Ento packaging side view B
Ento Horizontal Billboard
Ento Billboard in parking lot

The system can also extend to beyond the product and onto marketing materials. Notice the focus of the copy on the environmental impact and especially the flavorful experience of these insect snack.

Ento poster at Bus station
Ento Wallposter
Ento Pin White Ento Pin Dark Ento Pin Red Ento Pin Yellow
Ento Merch Tshirt
Ento Merch Bag
Ento Cards
Ento Mobile Screen 1 Ento Mobile Screen 2
Ento Website Laptop

The Conclusion

The project managed to create a fun, engaging and interactive brand experience from packaging to marketing that focus on the environment and dispelling the taboo against eating insects.

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