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A 2022 Project

  • Website Design

Case Study


The Challenges

Following the successful launch of the Nike LeBron Innovation Center website, Bluecadet was approached to design and develop a similar immersive experience for the newly constructed Nike Serena Williams Building. This building serves as the home for Nike's expanding design department. Our goal is to create a website that captures the openness and spirit of the original site while incorporating a more guided narrative flow. This narrative should not only reflect Serena Williams' inspiring essence but also showcase Nike's innovative approach to design.

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Project Goals

  • Serena's Inspiring Essence

    Showcase Serena Williams' spirit and influence through the design and content of the website.

  • Showcasing Stories of Design

    Showcase interesting stories about design and the people behind the Nike brand using story-telling modules.

  • Guided Narrative Flow:

    Develop a more guided narrative flow that leads visitors through an immersive and captivating experience.

Goal Targets

The journey

Guided Experience in an open field

The experience is housed within an isometric world with 4 distinct "stop", the user is prompted to begin by going through each stop sequentially, following a linear narrative flow.

The user are free to return to the overview of all the worlds, or explore each stop at their pleasure. This allow for a bit of freedom on the user's part.

Serena Williams Building Website Mock-up on a laptop

Crafting a layered world

The 3D world is inspired by a tennis court combined with Serena William's personal branding with a bold pink contrasting nicely on a dark background.

Many tennis particles, layered grid and geometric lines suggest a sense of depth while conveying a sense of a blueprint / sketchy aethestics of the design process.

The "pin" – a term we coined for the story modules on the 3D world – have a variety of design inspired by their functions but also the layered geometric shapes inspire by tennis.

Ento packaging front view
Ento packaging front view
Ento packaging front view

The story modules

When the user click on a pin, they are taken to a 2D view of a story module. This can be anything: slideshow, videos, hotspots...

These are designed to be media-first to help showcase Nike's beautiful media assets.

The site is also fully responsive, optimized to work just as well on mobile devices.

Ento packaging side view A
Ento packaging side view A
Ento packaging side view B
Ento Horizontal Billboard

The Conclusion

The project successfully captures the enchantment of Serena Williams and Nike's innovative design vision by employing a semi-open narrative flow that invites users into a world of wonder and delight.


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