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A 2021 Project

  • Frontend Development

Case Study


The Challenges

Bluecadet was entrusted with the exciting opportunity to create a new platform for Nike's Innovation Center, named after a renowned athlete. Our task was to envision a space where Nike could effectively showcase their innovation stories. While my involvement began during the development phase, I played a key role in shaping the front-end of the platform, contributing to its successful realization.

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Project Goals

  • Explorative and Curiosity

    The website should invites exploration through its isometric 3D worlds. We accomplish this using React Three Fibre and some custom shaders.

  • Beautifully immersive

    The experience should feels smooth and immersive – which means intergrating animations and transition throughout the component tree. This was done mostly using React Spring.

  • Responsive and quick

    We want to make sure the experience is as fast and performant as possible. And thus, we introduce many tactics such as media optimization for 3D scene, preloading assets, or using newer formats to reduce load time.

Goal Targets

The journey

Ento packaging side view A
Ento packaging side view A
Ento packaging front view
Ento packaging side view B
Ento Horizontal Billboard
Ento Horizontal Billboard
Ento Horizontal Billboard

The Conclusion

With a focus on a robust and dynamic component system enriched by captivating animations and micro-interactions, our team skillfully crafted an immersive experience that takes Nike's innovative story-telling to new heights. The seamless integration of these elements elevates the platform, captivating users and effectively conveying Nike's commitment to innovation.


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