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A 2020 Project

  • Branding System
  • Website Design

Case Study


The Challenges

ITSNK, a Vietnamese artist based in San Francisco, blends diverse musical influences from the local music scene, including R&B, blues, and more, to create a distinct sound that resonates with Vietnamese audiences. The challenge of this project was to develop a unique and dynamic branding system that effectively communicates his individualistic creative process to the audience. The goal was to create a visual identity that captures the essence of ITSNK's music and showcases his innovative approach in a compelling manner.

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Project Goals

  • A mixer of sounds

    ITSNK is primarily a music producer who often collaborate with other young and emerging artists to create unique track. The branding should represent this aspect of his work.

  • Curator of Influences

    The branding system must showcase the San Fransico influence while also creating a unique identity that adapt internationally and resonate with young audiences.

  • Always in motion

    To failitate social media, the project should utilize motion as a core principle of design, and carter to creating a dynamic social media front.

Goal Targets

The journey

Lowlevel system

The logo is inspired from the DJ mixing table with dials and switches that reflect the mixing process of influences to create unique sounds.

The typeface is a grotesk typeface, written in allcaps to showcase a bold and daring attitude that reflect ITSNK's funky and grovy tracks.

The color scheme also borrows from various previous photoshoot and also inspired from the colors of Sans Fransico and old R&B posters from the 80's.

Itsnk Color
Itsnk Poster 1
Itsnk Poster 2
Itsnk Social media post 1 Itsnk Social media post 2
Itsnk Social media post 3 Itsnk Social media post 4 Itsnk Social media post 5

A system in motion

The system utilize this dial pattern and also borrow the symbols of a star stylized into a sound knob to showcase the mixing techiniques utilized by DJ.

This system is designed to be able to animate easily and create dynamic experience, with great emphasis on using simple and bold typography as the backbone.

The color scheme is often reduced and used in large color block (usually of 2 - 3 colors) to maximize the effect and accentuates other element effectively.

Itsnk Social media post 6 Itsnk Social media post 7 Itsnk Social media post 8
Itsnk Photoshoot 2 Itsnk Promotional Poster 1 Itsnk Promotional Poster 2 Itsnk Promotional Poster Horizontal Itsnk Promotional Poster Large Itsnk Promotional Poster Photoshoot

Expansive Work

This system can also expands to other media which utilize the symbols and motifs of the core system to create unique experience.

Itsnk Pin Tan Itsnk Pin White Itsnk Pin Orange
Itsnk T-shirt
Laptop View:
Itsnk Website Desktop

The Conclusion

The project was quite successful in creating an econsystem of personalized brand that engage with ITSNK's creative process and connect with fans in a broad variety of mediums.

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