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A 2019 Project

  • Branding System
  • Wayfinding

Case Study


The Challenges

The challenge of this project was to rejuvenate and reimagine the branding system for Awbury Arboretum, a privately-owned green space in Germantown, Philadelphia that is open to the public. The objective was to create a revitalized brand identity that captures the vibrant community spirit and the lush natural environment of the arboretum. The aim was to develop a branding system that effectively communicates the essence of Awbury, reflecting its welcoming atmosphere and commitment to preserving green spaces.

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Project Goals

  • Nature for All

    Awbury is first and foremost for the community, the branding must reflect this collaborative spirit.

  • Wild and nature

    The branding must showcase the wild and organic look the Awbury's green space and invite adventure.

  • Distinctly Awbury

    The system must differentiate from other arboretums which have a very polished refined look.

Goal Targets

The journey

Lowlevel system

The process begins with creating the logo mark which must reflect the merging of community and nature. So I combine the name as well as natural arching form to create the mark.

The color system is inspired from colorful tents inside Awbury's Adventure Woods, which celebrate natural color and a diverse collaborative community.

The mark also features a classical serif of Baskerville to reflect Awbury historic roots back in England and its British stone-working heritage.

Front cover of Find Found Founded
Ento Logo different colors

Of nature and community

The graphic system emerged from the blend between community and nature. The organic forms are taken from stoneworks featured in Awbury's Cooper House (image seen above)

Textures taken found objects and materials found on-site was utilized to create abstract and engaging elements that can be adapted in many different ways to create energetic composition.

This system reflect the collaborative and diverse community of German town, and resembled a sort of collage and patchwork of different hands. The type also follow in this spirit and utilizes different typefaces.

Front cover of Find Found Founded
Front cover of Find Found Founded
Front cover of Find Found Founded

Nature for All

This graphic system was utilized to craft a vibrant and striking marketing front that emphasize the slogan of "Nature for All"

And the textured graphic also help the system blend well with the urban environment & also evocative of nature

The colorful pop of different hues also provide a nice contrast and play well with the funky "found" typography.

Front cover of Find Found Founded
Front cover of Find Found Founded
Ento Billboard in parking lot

The wayfinding system also got a conceptual make-over, featuring a foldable map that guide the user through the Awbury landscape, all while retaining the distinct brand visuals style.

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Ento packaging side view B Ento packaging side view B Ento packaging side view B Ento packaging side view B Ento packaging side view B
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The Conclusion

This project was a really fun experience to reimagine a branding system and revitalize it in a way that engage with the local community effectively while also appealing to a broader demographics.

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