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A 2020 Project

  • Editorial Design
  • Experimental Book Design

Case Study


The Challenges

Synesthesia Fantasia is an ambitious self-initiated project aimed at pushing the boundaries of graphic generation and experimental book-making materials. Through the utilization of generative technology, sound is transformed into captivating graphics. The project utilizes transparent vellum as a material to craft a visually stunning experience. Synesthesia Fantasia weaves a narrative around a dancer who possesses the extraordinary ability to see sound (synesthesia) and her captivating fantasy of dancing and becoming lost in the magic of music.

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Project Goals

  • Generative Graphic

    The principle graphic of dot pattern is generated from the 4 movement of Vivaldi's Four Season, which also divides the book into four distinct sections with distinct motifs and color schemes.

  • The Substance of Dreams

    The main story feature the main character perfoming a dream ballet along with Four Season. The transparent material enhance this dream-like effect and create a three-dimensional depth that evoke motion and emotion.

  • Experimental typography

    The typography follow a common motifs found in each chapter, and echoed the poem-like copy in both sensibility and thematically-approriate visuals.

Goal Targets

The journey

The process

The book feature 4 chapter: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Spring utilizes dot pattern that are bloom-like and utilizes stretched type to showcase the passionate and wild nature of the dance featured in the story.

Summer reflect the spiralling pattern of the summer storm, and the heated passion of the main character for her performance. While fall feature the vertical "fall" stripes pattern that celebrate triumph.

Winter is the final chapter and is also a break from the main character's fantasy: we see her spiralling out of control with a dance filled with urgency and yearning: and the type and graphic also reflect this change.

Spring spread opening
Spring spread view

The transparency of every page create a unique and changing composition that transform with each flip and create motion from stillness. The typography is also extensively experimented on to reflect the spirit and emotions of the text.

Spring spread view, slotted page
Spring spread details
Summer spread opening Summer spread view Summer spread view, slotted page Autumn spread view Autumn spread view
Winter spread view
Winter spread openning
Winter spread details
Book credits
Book back cover
Spring spread detail

The Conclusion

The project was completed in 3 months of experimentation of both creative coding and book-making. The end result is a unique experience that challenge the conventions of book design and utilize generative coding in a new and interesting way.

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Synesthesia Fantasia