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A 2020 Project

  • UI Design
  • Front-end

Case Study


The Challenges

Jsolomon is the creation of NYC-based, Philadelphia native Jesse moldovsky. This project aims to design and create an artist website for this emerging young artist using Squarespace as a backend. I work as both the designer and developer for this entire project.

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Project Goals

  • A contemplative space

    The web experience needs to reflect the music of Jsolomun: personal and reflective. And such, the design should employ a good use of negative space.

  • Dynamic layout

    The layout should utilize a grid-based experience that is well structured but interesting, all while utilizing animation to engage and retain user's attention.

  • Squarespace Powered

    The website was requested to be built upon Squarespace interface. As such, I develop a custom theme based on Squarespace render engine to create a robust and natural user experience.

Goal Targets

The journey

Visit the website here

The Conclusion

This was a really interesting project for me because I get to work with the client through the entire process: from conception to deployment. And figuring out how Squarespace templating work is something new for me to learn as a developer.

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