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A 2020 Project

  • Illustration
  • Branding
  • UI Design

Case Study


The Challenges

Scopee is an app designed for the Adobe x Amazon UI/UX student design competition with the goal to introduce design to younger audiences (student 10 - 18 years old). Designed for tablet, Scopee creates an acessible platform for young designers to explore and interact with the world of design. I was in charge of designing the branding system and the illustrations used within the app.

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Project Goals

  • A memorable brand

    Scopee's brand identity needs to stand out from the wide array of design-oriented apps on the market, as well as appeal to a younger demographics.

  • Playful typography

    The typography system needs to evoke playfulness and create a friendly but encouraging experience.

  • Colorful illustrations

    The brand system needs to be supported by a colorful system of illustrations that complement the style and appeal to youthfulness and the appeal of design.

Goal Targets

The journey

The process

'Scopee' is a word play on the word 'scope', playing on how in the world of design is diverse with different fields and areas of interests. And Scopee is a guide to help users nail down what they are interested doing in the design world.

With this idea, the main logo mark features a star-shape in the 'o', symbolising the 'scope' of design. This is complemented by a colorful palete that is energetic and youthful.

The illustration system also follow the same spirit. And borrowing from tools and props familar to designers, these illustration create a dynamic and imaginative landscape that invite play and learn.

Ento Logo different colors
Ento Logo different colors
Ento Logo different colors
Ento Logo different colors

The illustration system can also adapt to many different settings. The following illustrations all illustrate a specific field of design. Can you guess which is which?

Ento Ant Graphic Ento Grub Graphic Ento Cricket Graphic
Ento Logo different colors
Ento Logo different colors
Ento Logo different colors
Ento Logo different colors

Here you can see the design system in action. The app is prototyped in Adobe XD as required by the competiiton. I contributed to the wireframing process and some of the UI Design.

The Conclusion

From concept to prototype, this project was completed within the remarkable timeframe of just one week. Despite the fast-paced nature of the endeavor, I gained invaluable knowledge and skills throughout the process. Collaborating with a close-knit team was both enjoyable and rewarding, adding to the overall fun experience of working on this project.

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